Engine Components

Our extensive range of truck and bus engine parts inventory covers most popular brands of commercial vehicles in the Cyprus market. Any type and size of truck and bus engine is served with complete and correct assemblies covering the needs of any repair requirement.

In addition to complete engine gasket kits and cylinder head gasket kits, at Hiras Parts you can also find cylinder head bolts, as well as plain bearings for crankshafts, big end bearings and main bearings. The range also includes all other components in the crank mechanism, for example such as crankshafts, pistons, piston ring sets and cylinder liners. Furthermore, Hiras Parts supplies an extensive variety of V-belts, poly-V-belts, toothed belts, tensioner pulleys and idler rollers

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Steering & Suspension

We represent some of the top names in the commercial vehicle steering and suspension components (KNORR BREMSE) serving most brands of trucks and buses in the local Cyprus market. As the Steering & Suspension systems are of paramount importance when it comes to safety on the road, we are dealing only with the best quality component manufacturers.

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Brake Systems

Hiras Parts supplies the common spare parts for braking systems of trucks, buses, and coaches for the most popular brands: MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Iveco, Renault, DAF, and Volvo. The range includes spare parts for drum and disc brakes from well-known suppliers successfully represented in Cyprus (KNORR BREMSE). At Hiras Parts you can also find spare parts for air-brake systems, brake discs, brake calipers, brake pads, and repair kits for disc brakes, as well as brake cam spindles, brake shoes, brake drums, and brake slack adjusters for drum brakes. We also supply combination brake cylinders from various manufacturers.


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Transmission & Clutch Systems

Hiras Parts supplies transmission and clutch spare parts for current as well as older engine series from DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes, Renault-RVI, Scania and Volvo. The Hiras Parts product range contains clutch kits, clutch discs, clutch slave and master cylinders, release bearings, central release bearings, flywheels and conversion kits for replacement purposes.

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Body Parts

Even though engines, gearboxes and chassis are vital, many different attachment parts which trucks and buses need to run are just as important for smooth operation. These can, of course, be found in the Hiras Parts product range. For example, this includes particularly exposed and therefore more damage-prone than average items such as mirrors, tanks, panels and bumpers (complete or individual items) and other body parts such as step treads, door extensions, mud guards, wind deflectors and roof spoilers. You can also find complete aero kits at Hiras Parts.

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Electrical & Lighting Systems

Hiras Parts supplies a wide range of commercial vehicle spare parts for the complex area of lighting and vehicle electrics - and in excellent OEM quality.

Main headlamps for all common commercial vehicle models.
The lighting range includes main headlamps and auxiliary headlamps in halogen and xenon technology. A variety of lights and LED lights for the front, rear and side marking area are also available. With its many different varieties of main headlamps for all common truck models from DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault Trucks, Scania and Volvo, Hiras Parts covers a large part of the market. High-beam headlamps, fog lamps and auxiliary headlamps complete the range, which also includes different varieties of rear and indicator lights.


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Trucks & Buses Turbochargers

Hiras Parts supplies turbochargers for current as well as older engines for trucks and buses from DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes, Renault-RVI, Scania and Volvo.

Why to choose turbochargers from Hiras Parts?

A turbo is a high technology product that requires superior design and intensive capital to produce. It must meet the severe requirement that only world class manufacturers can achieve. Hiras Parts in cooperation with leading truck and bus turbochargers manufacturers offers the correct product for the right application either for repair or replacement.

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Trailer Parts

Hiras Parts supplies a variety of spare parts for truck trailer and semi-trailer vehicles. For everything related to air and axle suspension, the range contains complete air suspension systems, but also complete leaf suspension systems and individual air bellows, arresting cables, axle plates, bracket plates, plus suspension links, axle lifts and shock absorbers. Hiras Parts also offers weld-on brackets and mounting brackets for attaching support frames. In addition to axle parts and accessories, the selection ranges from wheel bearings and steering links to hub odometers. Hiras Parts offers all common spare parts across-the-board for a wide range of axles by leading manufacturers.

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Tachograph Systems

Hiras Parts always strives to deliver outstanding aftermarket products that make a difference, whilst providing the kind of service you deserve. With many years of experience in tachograph sales, installation and support, we know that we’ve got the knowledge and insight to ensure you always receive exactly what you want – highly reliable, robust products, backed up by a speedy after-sales service.
With direct sales and support locations both in Cyprus and in Europe, our team work with you in offering high class, tested and reliable tachograph systems from leading manufacturers.
Hiras Parts offers a full range of products and solutions that are developed and manufactured for trucks and buses in the Cyprus commercial vehicle market. We provide instrumentation clusters with displays, Digital Tachographs, telematic systems and ECUs. Our customers includes Scania, MAN, Daimler, DAF and Volvo, among many others.
We consider our customer service to be just as important as the products we provide. If you ever have a problem, we’ll be here to help.


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Since 1993

Distribution Centers

Hiras Parts maintains its own spare parts distribution centers in Cyprus. The first one is located at the center of Cyprus, at Dhali Industrial Area near Nicosia, covering the eastern part of Cyprus including Larnaca and Famagusta regions. The second distribution center is based in Limassol industrial area covering Limassol and the western part of Cyprus including Paphos area. The distribution centers are strategically located, so to achieve maximum 1-hour delivery threshold. Furthermore, a 24/7 service is provided for serving critical industries like the Cyprus Milk Industry, Cyprus Food & Catering Industry, Cyprus Fuel Provision Industry, Cyprus Bus & Coach Tourism Industry and other garages operating on contract work.


Since 1993


Hiras Parts has secured distribution partnership agreements for the Cyprus market with top leaders in the commercial vehicles parts supply industry in the fields of: Commercial Vehicles Engine Components, Water Pumps, Steering, and Suspension systems, Brakes Systems, Exhaust Systems, Cooling Systems, Transmission & Clutch systems, Oil Air Oil Fuel & Hydraulic Filters, Commercial Vehicles Body Parts, Electrical & Lighting System, Commercial Vehicles Turbocharges, Trailer Parts, and Tachograph Systems. Hiras Parts has an exclusive distribution agreement for Cyprus with: KNORR BREMSE, Stoneridge Electronics Ltd, Valeo, Jost-Werke, Donaldson Filtration Solutions Europe BVBA, Airtex Products S.A., Swedish Lorry Parts AB, Majorsell Ltd, Cos.Pel Srl, Universal Components UK Ltd, and Kongsberg Automotive. Hiras Parts is also successfully representing in Cyprus: Diesel Technic AG, Holset Turbochargers, Garret Turbochargers, Federal-Mogul MOOG, and Wabco Air Products. Hiras Parts, by utilizing its human expertise and technology know-how in the commercial vehicle market, is always researching new technologies and products that could assist its local Cyprus partners in offering maximum client satisfaction and business continuity.


Since 1993

Support & service

As the commercial vehicles technology is getting highly sophisticated, product knowledge and training is a must. Hiras Parts Ltd along with its technology partners and suppliers offers regularly seminars either in Cyprus or at European Head Offices for informing technicians of new products and technologies to provide to their client’s parts with maximum product life expectancy. Hiras Parts maintains counter service personnel in all distribution centers in Cyprus offering high quality advises and support to clients.
A Cyprus Tachographs Training Center is also operational for assisting technicians in how to install and operate a tachograph system either on truck or bus vehicles. A highly efficient distribution team ensures that order deliveries are always on-time and within the 1-hour set threshold. Online support administrators are always available 24/7 for further assistance if required.


Proposal Request

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