Stoneridge Electronics Ltd

Stoneridge Electronics delivers outstanding aftermarket products that make a difference, whilst providing the kind of service you deserve. With over three decades of experience in tachograph design and manufacturing, we know that we’ve got the knowledge and insight to ensure you always receive exactly what you want – highly reliable, robust products, backed up by a speedy after-sales service.

Braking Systems, Chassis Systems, Steering Systems, Powertrain Systems


The KNORR-BREMSE Commercial Vehicle Systems division offers its Cyprus customers braking systems for trucks, buses, trailers, and agricultural machinery. In the chassis systems sector, Knorr-Bremse is a leading player in electronic control, driver assistance, and air supply systems. Other product fields include steering systems, powertrain-related systems, and torsional vibration dampers for diesel engines.

Automotive Technology Solutions


Valeo is an automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide. As a technology company, we design innovative solutions for smart mobility, with a particular focus on intuitive driving and reducing CO₂ emissions. The Group also provides and distributes spare parts for automakers and independent aftermarket operators.

Truck & Trailer Components


JOST is a leading global producer and supplier of safety-critical systems to the truck and trailer industry. JOST offers branded quality products clustered in three systems: Vehicle Interface (focusing on products required to operate a commercial vehicle combination of trucks and trailers such as fifth wheels and landing gears), Handling Solutions (including container technology and hydraulic cylinders products) and Maneuvering (focusing on truck and trailer axles and forced steering).

Filtration Solutions


We Continuously Develop Technologies To Address Changing Filtration Needs.
Donaldson is always developing next generation products and services to solve complex filtration and contamination control challenges.

Fuel & Water Pumps

Airtex Products S.A.

Airtex is a leading global water and fuel pump manufacturer which was established in the early 1930s. The Airtex European Division, known as Airtex Products S.A. is a European market leader selling to over 60 different countries. Today, Airtex/ASC is the world’s largest pump manufacturer and owns and operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in three continents, with sites in the USA, Mexico, Spain and China. 10 Million Water Pumps and 2 Million Fuel Pumps are produced annually.

Volvo/Scania Trucks & Buses Parts

Swedish Lorry Parts AB

Swedish Lorry Parts is a Swedish company specializing in replacement parts for Volvo Off Highway machinery, Volvo/Scania trucks and buses and Volvo Penta/Scania marine and industry. We have our own production and product development. We identified a market in need for spare parts of high quality at the right price, and we decided to do something about it.

Air Brake Components

Majorsell Ltd

Majorsell Limited was established in 1980 as a reconditioning workshop of air brake equipment for commercial vehicles and off-road equipment, specialising in the repair of spring brakes and brake valves.
As quality parts were hard to obtain, the decision was made to introduce a range of Majorsell air brake parts, primarily for use in its own workshop. This then became the start of the kit programme for which Majorsell is now internationally renowned.
The range of kits offered has now evolved from just brake valves to air dryers, clutch servos, calipers and of course compressors.

Truck Spare Parts


The Italian company COS.PEL is specialized in the production of spare parts for truck for over 25 years. The production takes place in the plant by qualified technical staff using cutting edge technology presses and robots in order to give customers the best quality and fine finishes. COS.PEL takes care of ecology using recyclable raw materials and alternative energy sources.

Truck & Trailer Spare Parts


Universal Components are a trusted, leading supplier of truck and trailer parts stocking everything from truck mud flaps to exhaust fluid, license plate holders to trailer electrics. Our commitment is to delivering original equipment quality parts on time every time, while maintaining a competitive market price.

Commercial Vehicles Spare Parts


DIESEL TECHNICs  philosophy has been to reach out to customers, listen to them and consistently tailor what to offer to meet their needs. With this philosophy, DIESEL TECHNIC has grown with their customers and have developed into one of the largest full-range suppliers of commercial vehicles parts and accessories – worldwide.



Holset is a world leader in turbocharger technology and Holset turbochargers are an important element in the Cummins brand engine success throughout the world.  Holset brand turbochargers are applied to many commercial applications beyond Cummins brand engines, and include major names such as Volvo, Iveco, Detroit Diesel, and Scania among others.



Garrett is one of the few turbo-charging manufacturers that subjects their turbos to several OE qualification tests. These turbocharging "qual tests" ensure Garrett produces a safe and reliable turbo for OE applications. When you buy a Garrett turbo from Hiras Parts you can be sure it is a reliable one!

Chassis/Steering Solutions


MOOG® has been leading the way forward in steering solutions for nearly 100 years. As a full-service, integrated vehicle components supplier, Federal-Mogul offers chassis/steering solutions for a large variety of applications



Ferodo® is the premium braking brand and one of the global leaders in both Original Equipment and aftermarket products. The brand has excelled for over 100 years in leading technical innovation. Today, Ferodo® is synonymous with excellence and a continued commitment to developing braking solutions for the future.

Engine Components


Hutchinson Automotive offers a complete range of spare parts resulting from its skills as first-fit manufacturer. As a first-rank equipment supplier and partner of the main international automobile manufacturers, Hutchinson also supplies many independent spare parts distributors like Hiras Parts. Hutchinson Automotive Aftermarket has a complete range of original quality products to guarantee reliable repairs.

This range is divided into 4 major product families :

- Belt transmissions: kits, distribution and accessories belts and rollers.

- Anti-vibration parts: engine supports, hinges, suspension mounts.

- Fluid transfer: pipes, hoses.

- Sealing: rings, seals.

PowerTrain & Chassis Components


Hiras Parts is the exclusive distributor for the KONGSBERG Automotive Products in Cyprus covering the whole range of components that includes seat comfort systems, driver and motion control systems, fluid assemblies, and industrial driver interface products developed for a wide range of commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Powertrain & Chassis products

Kongsberg Automotive develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of powertrain systems and chassis related products for heavy and light duty vehicles including, gearshift systems for automatic and manual transmissions, clutch actuation, advanced vehicle dynamics.

Specialty Products

Kongsberg Automotive provides driver control and fluid handling systems for commercial vehicles and passenger cars, as well as innovation products and software.